Ed & Michelle Hoare

Many thanks to Lisa and the entire staff at LOTPCI. It was quite an experience and well worth the time and effort. Max is a changed dog and even though he has a way to go, we look forward to the intermediate and advanced classes in the future. We also plan on bringing him to day care. We really loved the program and can’t thank you enough for everything.

Jenny Wendel – South Whitehall, PA

Sometimes life gets crazy, and as a result people and animals in your life may suffer without you realizing. Recently we had to make a very difficult decision regarding the future of our 5 yr old male Boxer whose dominant behavior spiraled out of control as I neared the end of my first pregnancy. With two parents working full time and attending grad school part time Bongo felt he needed to step up his role of pack leader with nearly disasterous consequences. When we brought our new baby home we realized just how serious a problem this could be. Lisa and John went OUT OF THEIR WAY and made us a priority. They went through all of our options, offered to help us no matter what our decision, and finally, gave us the tools needed to keep the pet we loved so much. Between his new boundaries, consistent rules, and lots of exercise at doggy daycare Bongo is a new more respectful and relaxed dog. We now look forward to watching our baby get to know man’s best friend. Our little family can’t thank John and Lisa enough. PS – It’s true, the dogs really do LOVE daycare. Bongo starts wagging his tale as soon as we turn onto Farm Bureau Rd!

Kelly McGuire

My boyfriend, Joe, and I took in our dog, Crixus, on September 9th after he was found tied to a tree. We believe Crixus is a pitbull/boxer mix and is no older than 2 years of age. He had many minor issues with commands, but he had a paralyzing fear of men. Our vet recommended Leader of the Pack, and we couldn’t be happier with the recommendation. The staff at Leader of the Pack has helped us transform Crixus and the way we interact with him. Within a matter of minutes, it was easy to see a difference. Now, 2 months later, he continues to improve, and we continue to improve with him. I cannot say enough about the wonderful facility and the caring, composed, extremely intelligent staff! Crixus had us to rescue him, but Leader of the Pack rescued us – they can rescue ANY dog with owners who are willing 🙂

Marci Troutman

LOPCI helped us to we could keep our Ianna in our home forever. Their expert training helped us overcome behaviors that could have separated us. We will be forever grateful!

Carol Olson – Mariah’s owner – Catasauqua

I have been looking for a good groomer for several years now that knows how to properly groom a cocker spaniel. Recently I took Mariah to Lindsey and she did an excellent job on my cocker. She did such a nice job scissoring her legs and clipping her head and body. All other groomers I’ve taken Mariah to, just shaved her down. Mariah finally looks like the way a cocker spaniel is supposed to! I am so happy with the results that I will gladly drive the extra miles to have her done. I would recommend Leader Of The Pack for dog grooming to anyone!

Rocky Heabner – Lab Mix

Hi, I know my mommy wrote already, but I thought you should have a dog’s point of view. My name is Rocky (or that’s what my mom named me), see I was about 4 and a rescue from SC when she got me. When my mom adopted me she took me to Lisa’s for training. I wasn’t bad, but since I was kept outside all the time I didn’t know what was expected from me. At LOPCI I learned (but then I could have told you I wasn’t dumb). After I graduated my mom told me I was going to daycare. DAYCARE what the heck was that??? I didn’t know, but I knew I wouldn’t like it. BOY was I WRONG – I LOVE IT! I play all day with my buddies (and girlfriends, after all…my mom says I’m a ‘looker’). About a year later I was told I was going to be boarded -here we go again..something I probably won’t like. Again..WRONG! I had a ball, we played all day and night, they let us run free – no cages for us (unless your mom wants you to have one), the staff stayed with us overnight and they were great (don’t tell my mom – but I didn’t miss her). So, from one dog to a dog owner – bring your boys/girls here. They have all sizes, shapes, and ages. We all get along and let me tell you how much fun we have. We LOVE LOPCI!!!

Nancy Heabner

Thank you for everything you did for Rocky. He is a rescue from Lulu’s Rescue. He wasn’t a ‘bad” dog, but he needed some training. We took him to your class and in a few short weeks he became a better dog. We then started taking him to daycare, which he loves and can’t wait to get through the door. Usually when I come to pick him up he puts on the “brakes” and doesn’t want to leave! We also used your boarding and knew he was safe and having fun. We have also used your groomer and have been happy. You have a great staff and a wonderful facility! Thank you for everything you do for our babies.

Frosty U – Gorgeous White Fluffy Ibizan Hound

I LOVE playing at school all day! Mommy is the best but my friends at school are wonderful too. If you come to school just one day to try it, you will see how much fun it is. And the best part is that you will be able to play with me!

Kari Skrip

To Lisa and the Staff at LOPCI ~ we can’t thank you enough for the work you did with Timba (and us). Your attention to dog and the owner’s understanding of the dog is outstanding. Without a doubt ~ we would highly recommend you to anyone in need of help with their dog. Timba looks forward to his next visit! Many thanks from Brian, Kari and Timba!

Lena Khais – Doberman lover; mom of 3 – 2 humans and one dog – Allentown

Awesome is an understatement when one describes LOPCI. Clean, professional, caring… I can go on and on. When we first brought our puppy there (by a recommendation from our Invisible Fence trainer) – we were amazed. Our wild, no-manners-what-so-ever, alpha Atos calmed down in 2 minutes! It was a love at first bark. It only takes us to say “… going to Lisa’s!” and he’s rushing to the car! What’s been really helpful to us is the great work hours and tremendous flexibility with pick ups, drop offs for overnight boarding. We trust this place whole-heartedly! If Lisa had a summer camp – I’d send my kids there! Hey! They’d be better behaved as a result of it. I’m sure!

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