Carol Olson – Mariah’s owner – Catasauqua

I have been looking for a good groomer for several years now that knows how to properly groom a cocker spaniel. Recently I took Mariah to Lindsey and she did an excellent job on my cocker. She did such a nice job scissoring her legs and clipping her head and body. All other groomers I’ve taken Mariah to, just shaved her down. Mariah finally looks like the way a cocker spaniel is supposed to! I am so happy with the results that I will gladly drive the extra miles to have her done. I would recommend Leader Of The Pack for dog grooming to anyone!

Rocky Heabner – Lab Mix

Hi, I know my mommy wrote already, but I thought you should have a dog’s point of view. My name is Rocky (or that’s what my mom named me), see I was about 4 and a rescue from SC when she got me. When my mom adopted me she took me to Lisa’s for training. I wasn’t bad, but since I was kept outside all the time I didn’t know what was expected from me. At LOPCI I learned (but then I could have told you I wasn’t dumb). After I graduated my mom told me I was going to daycare. DAYCARE what the heck was that??? I didn’t know, but I knew I wouldn’t like it. BOY was I WRONG – I LOVE IT! I play all day with my buddies (and girlfriends, after all…my mom says I’m a ‘looker’). About a year later I was told I was going to be boarded -here we go again..something I probably won’t like. Again..WRONG! I had a ball, we played all day and night, they let us run free – no cages for us (unless your mom wants you to have one), the staff stayed with us overnight and they were great (don’t tell my mom – but I didn’t miss her). So, from one dog to a dog owner – bring your boys/girls here. They have all sizes, shapes, and ages. We all get along and let me tell you how much fun we have. We LOVE LOPCI!!!

Nancy Heabner

Thank you for everything you did for Rocky. He is a rescue from Lulu’s Rescue. He wasn’t a ‘bad” dog, but he needed some training. We took him to your class and in a few short weeks he became a better dog. We then started taking him to daycare, which he loves and can’t wait to get through the door. Usually when I come to pick him up he puts on the “brakes” and doesn’t want to leave! We also used your boarding and knew he was safe and having fun. We have also used your groomer and have been happy. You have a great staff and a wonderful facility! Thank you for everything you do for our babies.

Frosty U – Gorgeous White Fluffy Ibizan Hound

I LOVE playing at school all day! Mommy is the best but my friends at school are wonderful too. If you come to school just one day to try it, you will see how much fun it is. And the best part is that you will be able to play with me!

Kari Skrip

To Lisa and the Staff at LOPCI ~ we can’t thank you enough for the work you did with Timba (and us). Your attention to dog and the owner’s understanding of the dog is outstanding. Without a doubt ~ we would highly recommend you to anyone in need of help with their dog. Timba looks forward to his next visit! Many thanks from Brian, Kari and Timba!

Lena Khais – Doberman lover; mom of 3 – 2 humans and one dog – Allentown

Awesome is an understatement when one describes LOPCI. Clean, professional, caring… I can go on and on. When we first brought our puppy there (by a recommendation from our Invisible Fence trainer) – we were amazed. Our wild, no-manners-what-so-ever, alpha Atos calmed down in 2 minutes! It was a love at first bark. It only takes us to say “… going to Lisa’s!” and he’s rushing to the car! What’s been really helpful to us is the great work hours and tremendous flexibility with pick ups, drop offs for overnight boarding. We trust this place whole-heartedly! If Lisa had a summer camp – I’d send my kids there! Hey! They’d be better behaved as a result of it. I’m sure!

Lynne Robinson – Allentown, PA

LOPCI has made a tremendous difference to me…without Lisa and the entire staff, I don’t know what I would have done with my one year old Golden Rescue. I was shocked when I brought my extremely energetic Max home from DVGRR (Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue), and he was completely out of control and basically had zero manners. I’ve had dogs before, and really thought I could work with him, but he continued to literally eat my house, dominate me in any way he could (even when trying to walk on the leash), and really had so many bad habits that I can’t even list. I’m sure when I brought him to training that first night, everyone thought we were a lost cause. We couldn’t even sit in the chairs and listen to Lisa. I was determined to do my best with Max, but wasn’t sure what would happen. I called DVGRR numerous times to discuss Max and his behavior and they were almost certain he would be returned. Thank goodness I met Lisa and started with the much needed training that Max NEVER had. Lisa also suggested daycare for Max to rid him of some of that pent up energy. I never saw a dog quite like him before…and am so glad that he is such a good boy now with the help of LOPCI…especially since he chose me at the Golden “meet and greet day”. I saw him, and he gave me a big kiss…something the volunteers said he didn’t normally do. 🙂 I love my boy! Thank you to Lisa and the entire staff at LOPCI! Oh, I almost forgot, Max just had a really cool summer cut by the terrific groomer at LOPCI! Now he’s even COOLER…LOL! I should also mention my other puppy…another rescue. Her name is 99, but this time, I decided to adopt a baby. She’s an angel, and has successfully completed puppy training at LOPCI. She’ll be going on to additional classes, as will Max. The two of them are destined to be therapy dogs someday, and provide some much needed smiles and happiness. In the meantime, they both enjoy daycare at LOPCI with all of their human and doggie friends! 🙂

Christy Longo – Recenlty graduated from Adult Basic

Thanks to Lisa and the rest of the team at Leader of the Pack, I am so much more knowledgeable of what it means to be pack leader and have a healthy relationship with Zoey my Bullmastiff. The information that both Zoey and I learned was very valuable and will last a lifetime! Thanks from Christy and Zoey 🙂

Lauren miller – Corrections social worker and avid animal lover – Emmaus, Pa

Lisa and her team of trainers have given me so many tools and gifts of knowledge for handling my dog. Because of them my dog is more balanced and I am more confident. Lisa and her team are caring, warm, friendly and patient. Lisa is incredibly hard working and dedicated. Her center has the best prices around for the services they offer. I plan to continue my relationship with LOPCI to give my dog the best life can offer and that I can progress with my own leadership skills. Keep up the good work guys!

Tammy Miller – Allie’s Mom – Allentown, PA

I would like to thank Lisa and the rest of the staff for their help in training Allie and more importantly training me to be a pack leader. Your tips in training were such a big help in solving Allie’s issues with stormgrates. The dog adult education class was worth every penny!!! I would recommend everyone to enroll at Leader of the Pack Canine Institute. Thanks so much! Tammy and Allie

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