A Big Thank You!

Dear Lisa,

Yesterday, our golden doodle, Roxy, graduated from your Adult training class, and a few months before that, graduated from your Puppy Kindergarten class. That is by far, the best money we have ever spent. The knowledge & understanding you have of these dogs is just unbelievable. All the tools you suggested we use on Roxy have worked 100%. She is such a good girl, thanks to you. My children & grandchildren are so impressed with her behavior.

My husband and I would like to personally thank you for all your help & solutions, as you have always taken the time to work with us on any problems or issues we encountered with Roxy.

We will continue to use your facility for any overnight stays that we will be needing or any Saturday or Sunday Doggie Daycare needs we may have.

Again Lisa, we are very grateful to you & your staff, and can’t thank you all enough for making us “happy parents”.

Carol Bowers

P.S. – We always refer to you as “The Dog Whisperer”.

Bill Anders – Owner of Roxie (BullBoxer) – New Tripoli

ROXIE GETS IT….I brag to everyone how my dog Roxie can be loose around our property whenever we are outside and she stays around us and does not run off to do her own thing. Thank you, to the trainers at LOPCI for teaching me the tools to use and directing me and Roxie with the proper training to have a responsive pet. With your guidence we are both better adjusted and happy. I went into training because I wanted Roxie to be able to be outside when we are and to stay on our property. After graduating from class we continued with what we learned and Roxie just seems to understand she can wander on the grounds but not too far. She is now happy to follow me around as I cut grass or lay in the shade and watch. She will not run into the street to greet people and will watch but leave alone the wildlife. What a pleasure it is to look and see her always within about 50′ from me or my wife. The information learned from the staff of LOPCI during the training class has proven to be be life changing to both our family and Roxie. She has now has a quality of life that we hoped to provide for her. With sincere gratitude to the staff at LOPCI in your caring and loving attitude towards dogs and the success story you have accomplished with Roxie.

Lisa Kirby – Bethlehem

I rescued my precious little 2 year old yorkie mix in February. The poor thing was a mess. She didn’t know ANY basic commands, she was afraid of the grass in my backyard and I couldn’t leave a room without her crying. Thanks to the knowledge I’ve gained from LOPCI and the confidence Muffin gained through training and doggie day care, I have an amazing, balanced, loving, well mannered happy dog (and I’m a happy owner). I have three dogs and she started out as my most challenging and has ended up to be the most balanced. I am now looking into bringing my youngest for training because LOPCI provides results. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. Their knowledge and patience are beyond compare. I would have never been able to handle all three dogs without them. So i want to thank Lisa and her staff for my happy, balanced, and confident girl. I couldn’t imagine our family without our little Muffin and thanks to Leader of the Pack I won’t have to.

Jane McManus

I took our Wheaten “Maggie” for adult obedience training to Leader of the Pack, and the training was A+… Both Maggie and I were trained to understand each other and for me to always “Leader of th Pack” I feel that with continued practice, the tools we learned will be part of our happy lives together.I look forward to future interaction with this outstanding facility. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this wonderful training center, day care and source of great doggie treats, food and toys. Thank you very much-Lisa,John and Jason Sincerly, Jane McManus and Maggie

Jen Weinstein – attended Wed. evening classes with Bailey pup

This weekend was a true testament to the outstanding training Bailey and I received at LOPCI! I was so nervous about returning to class after experiencing a death in our family and missing week five. Thank you, Lisa, for your encouragement! Bailey, my other dog and my husband and I were in Maryland at the Marina we frequent. When Bailey jumped off our boat and sped down the dock, I crouched down, flailed my arms and used my sweetest, “boop, boop, boop” voice, resulting in her immediate return! She was so well behaved in her cute life jacket. I can’t wait to bring her back for adult basic. By the way… The “leave it command” has worked many times with her!!! Saving us time and time again! Thank you for your positive approach to working with canines and especially, being patient and compassionate with their human companions!!! All the best! Jen Weinstein

Tim Stevenson – Parent of two boxers Jazzy and Mr. B – Allentown Pa

Let me start with how grateful I am to you Mr. & Mrs. McDonald. Your heart felt caring and knowledge of dogs amazed me. I reached out to you for help in rescuing a dog, not a cute little fluffy or jumpy terrier but a big working breed. As everyone knows puppies find homes fast but those that are a year and over are hard to find homes that will take them and I wanted to save one of these dogs. I adopted one who didn’t get the proper training or socialization skills while they were cute puppies. He had a dominant behavior to overcome along with a few issues you recognized right away and I thank you for that. We then adopted a female boxer who was the opposite. She was timid and afraid of everything. By the time puppy class finished she was a confident obedient Boxer who I was proud to walk on the streets. With the information you shared openly I felt confident we could adopt another male to keep her company and play boxer style with. Now as I watch them play I watch for signs of dominance that may upset my pack. Thanks from my boxer and me for the life time of friendship we will share. Thank you Tim Stevenson

Ed & Michelle Hoare

Many thanks to Lisa and the entire staff at LOTPCI. It was quite an experience and well worth the time and effort. Max is a changed dog and even though he has a way to go, we look forward to the intermediate and advanced classes in the future. We also plan on bringing him to day care. We really loved the program and can’t thank you enough for everything.

Jenny Wendel – South Whitehall, PA

Sometimes life gets crazy, and as a result people and animals in your life may suffer without you realizing. Recently we had to make a very difficult decision regarding the future of our 5 yr old male Boxer whose dominant behavior spiraled out of control as I neared the end of my first pregnancy. With two parents working full time and attending grad school part time Bongo felt he needed to step up his role of pack leader with nearly disasterous consequences. When we brought our new baby home we realized just how serious a problem this could be. Lisa and John went OUT OF THEIR WAY and made us a priority. They went through all of our options, offered to help us no matter what our decision, and finally, gave us the tools needed to keep the pet we loved so much. Between his new boundaries, consistent rules, and lots of exercise at doggy daycare Bongo is a new more respectful and relaxed dog. We now look forward to watching our baby get to know man’s best friend. Our little family can’t thank John and Lisa enough. PS – It’s true, the dogs really do LOVE daycare. Bongo starts wagging his tale as soon as we turn onto Farm Bureau Rd!

Kelly McGuire

My boyfriend, Joe, and I took in our dog, Crixus, on September 9th after he was found tied to a tree. We believe Crixus is a pitbull/boxer mix and is no older than 2 years of age. He had many minor issues with commands, but he had a paralyzing fear of men. Our vet recommended Leader of the Pack, and we couldn’t be happier with the recommendation. The staff at Leader of the Pack has helped us transform Crixus and the way we interact with him. Within a matter of minutes, it was easy to see a difference. Now, 2 months later, he continues to improve, and we continue to improve with him. I cannot say enough about the wonderful facility and the caring, composed, extremely intelligent staff! Crixus had us to rescue him, but Leader of the Pack rescued us – they can rescue ANY dog with owners who are willing 🙂

Marci Troutman

LOPCI helped us to we could keep our Ianna in our home forever. Their expert training helped us overcome behaviors that could have separated us. We will be forever grateful!

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