Corina Siegfried

We are happy knowing Theo is well taken care of by a very caring staff. He loves going to daycare. Thank you!

The Gardner’s

We wanted to update you on our fiesty, little rescue Maizey (Maremma/Labrador). Maizey has, with your advice, turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family. Her aggression is for the most part completely gone – now when she’s tired and wants to be left alone, she walks away to a new spot rather than growling, posturing and lunging at us. Our youngest is no longer afraid of her and they play together constantly with the 14 toys she drays out of the toy box every day. She minds (fairly well) and we just have to shake that vinegar bottle when she’s having a bout of the stubborns. We still need to work on obedience training, but behaviorally, I can’t believe anyone would have ever wanted to give her up. Who else would have taken her next if not for your help and advice? Who would have wanted a Maremma with no flowek experience? We think you saved little Maizey’s life. Thank you

Matthew Dudash

The amount I have learned through Lisa and her staff as a handler has not only provided great benefit and joy to me but with my 2 dogs as well who have been through classes offered at LOPCI. The difference in my ability to anticipate, correct, and reward specific behaviors has opened up a whole new world for me and has allowed me the privilege of being able to take my dogs with me just about anywhere I go (without any fear of misbehavior).

I found that in addition to the training specific to your dog, all of the trainers at LOPCI seem to work with the individual on specific traits and behaviors related to each breed rather than the individual. This has allowed me a better understanding into the breed I have and positions me to become that much of a better handler with each day. I highly recommend this facility to any person who not only wants to work with their dog, but also anyone who desires to understand their dog that much better!

Lori Klink

The best thing we ever did for our dog and for us. Bo(our dog) is now a delight to be with. He listens and is well behaved. Lisa was excellent and explained everything well. We will continue to use them. Very professional and would and do recommend. Thank you Lisa.

Bob and Debbie Timer with Char

Leader of the Pack has really been an asset both to us and our dog, Char. He was a bit anxious and skittish going into training, but came out a more confident dog. All of that credit goes to the trainers and their staff. It is truly a professional facility that not only teaches your dog manners and obedience, but also trains the owners. We are extremely pleased with this facility and would highly recommend them to anyone. A great staff and excellent trainers! Thinking of bringing Char back for the next step.

Terrie Graczyk – Mom to Peggy, Spring, and Mandy

LOPCI has been great with our dogs. They understand the dogs and their triggers. Our one dog doesn’t do well with a large amount of dogs. The staff took the time to help her be comfortable in a large setting. What I and the staff realized is that she would not do well in this setting. So when she is at LOPCI she has her own space, goes for walks and seems to be happy with this arrangement. I thank the staff for working with her to determine what would work in everyone’s best interest. Our other two dogs love it. I am very pleased with everything at LOPCI.

Judy Harer

I would like to thank the trainers and everyone at Leader of the Pack for the Adult 1 obedience class I attended with Vince. The class was great and Vince is more attentive to my commands. Thanks again!!

Christine Gallagher

Great place for boarding your dog for daily dog care or for extended vacation. Awesome grooming as well!

Britni Carrizo

Best doggy day care in the valley! The employees are nothing but professional and knowledgeable.

Michael Jacobs with Violet Jane

Fantastic puppy training course just completed. Ian was very knowledgeable and gave us the tips and tools needed to create a safe and healthy environment for our puppy. Highly recommend this place for training. Will be taking her here for daycare in the fall!

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