Jim and Melanie Eisenhour with Layla Grace

We want to thank everyone for their kindness and attentiveness to Layla’s needs. I have never seen such a well organized day care for dogs. My vet is so impressed with LOPI as he could not believe that you all caught Layla’s puppy warts before anyone else did!
We never stress when we are away on vacation and cannot take Layla with us because we know she is in the best hands possible.
The puppy class and the Adult 1 class has been a real help for us and Layla is coming along well. You really get a lot of bang for your buck! I have never learned so much in one dog training course in my life! We plan to register her for the upcoming Intermediate class. Thank you all again for being the caring, compassionate, and dedicated people that you are to the dog world! We love you guys!

Beth Fragnito

We have a 3 1/2 year old 95 lb male American Bull dog. I normally do not leave comments but I am so genuinely touched by what Lisa has done for our dog and family, I feel I must. Kato is very much a part of our family and is loved beyond belief and in return he is a very loving, sweet, playful but fiercely protective, aggressive dog to the point we could not handle him anymore. We could not have people visit our home, we could not take him for walks, to the dog park or even car rides. I could not open the front blinds or the front door for fear of Kato getting out and someone being attacked by our sweet dog. His aggressive behavior had become so bad it started to take over my life and had become a constant concern for me and my family. I found myself having to plan my life around my dog. I was constantly thinking about what I would do if he hurt somebody and what would happen to him. Into our lives comes Lisa and LOPCI. My daughter and I began taking Kato to classes at LOPCI and would sit away from the other dogs with Kato. We would listen and take in everything Lisa said and would come home and work with Kato on everything we learned in class that week. Lisa went out of her way to come to my home and work with Kato and educated me on how to be the owner Kato needed and how to handle him. I am happy to share that Kato now goes to daycare at LOPCI and is enjoying mingling with all the other dogs, he goes on walks, I can open my front blinds and he doesn’t attack the windows and most importantly, I can have visitors at my home (We continue to use the technique Lisa taught us. He is put on his leash and introduced to everyone. I hug everyone that comes through the door so Kato is reassured they are welcome and I still occasionally use the air can to put him in his place. If you don’t know about the air can, ask about it! It has been a life saver!). This did not happen over night and Kato is still a work in progress but he has come further then any of us could have imagined. We continue to work everyday with Kato using all the commands and techniques Lisa has taught us. He has come so far and we owe this all to Lisa. I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa and LOPCI to anyone. Don’t ever give up or get discouraged or think there isn’t any hope. Lisa is the best at what she does and goes above and beyond to help you and your dog. Thank you Lisa and LOPCI.

Cindy kokkinos

This place is amazing! Just finished adult 1 class and learned so much!!! Trainers are great!! Lots of attention!!! Looking forward to our next class, doggie day care days and boarding!!! It is really a unique and wonderful place and I am so happy they are here in the Lehigh Valley.

Diana Weisbach

Leader of the Pack is a wonderful center. Prince loves doggie day care. The staff are all very kind and very helpful.

Lisa has been so important with in-home training of our very active 10 month old lab. When first contacting the center our 75 pound pup was knocking us down and very disrespectful. But within her first visit we learned from Lisa how to train him and it amazes me how he can now sit/stay for meals and goes slowly in/out doorways. She has worked with us on short and long term goals for our pet which we continue to follow.

Doggie day care also burns off a lot of his energy so he is more manageable at night and for training. He now lies on the floor in the living room while we relax in the evening. If you have any problems with your pet you should consider consulting with Lisa about solutions. She has a lot of experience and can adjust training routines to adapt to any restrictions an owner may have.

Derby & Cindy Daub

We got two puppies thinking it would be easier to train them together…what were we thinking! It was like having twin babies. We are so glad we came here for help in their training. Ollie & Sophie did great, both in puppy kindergarten & Obedience. They also LOVE doggie daycare which helped them be more confident at the dog park. We are also thinking of agility classes for them since they love to run, jump and climb on things. We love this place!

The Gardner’s

We wanted to update you on our fiesty, little rescue Maizey (Maremma/Labrador). Maizey has, with your advice, turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family. Her aggression is for the most part completely gone – now when she’s tired and wants to be left alone, she walks away to a new spot rather than growling, posturing and lunging at us. Our youngest is no longer afraid of her and they play together constantly with the 14 toys she drays out of the toy box every day. She minds (fairly well) and we just have to shake that vinegar bottle when she’s having a bout of the stubborns. We still need to work on obedience training, but behaviorally, I can’t believe anyone would have ever wanted to give her up. Who else would have taken her next if not for your help and advice? Who would have wanted a Maremma with no flowek experience? We think you saved little Maizey’s life. Thank you

Matthew Dudash

The amount I have learned through Lisa and her staff as a handler has not only provided great benefit and joy to me but with my 2 dogs as well who have been through classes offered at LOPCI. The difference in my ability to anticipate, correct, and reward specific behaviors has opened up a whole new world for me and has allowed me the privilege of being able to take my dogs with me just about anywhere I go (without any fear of misbehavior).

I found that in addition to the training specific to your dog, all of the trainers at LOPCI seem to work with the individual on specific traits and behaviors related to each breed rather than the individual. This has allowed me a better understanding into the breed I have and positions me to become that much of a better handler with each day. I highly recommend this facility to any person who not only wants to work with their dog, but also anyone who desires to understand their dog that much better!

Lori Klink

The best thing we ever did for our dog and for us. Bo(our dog) is now a delight to be with. He listens and is well behaved. Lisa was excellent and explained everything well. We will continue to use them. Very professional and would and do recommend. Thank you Lisa.

Bob and Debbie Timer with Char

Leader of the Pack has really been an asset both to us and our dog, Char. He was a bit anxious and skittish going into training, but came out a more confident dog. All of that credit goes to the trainers and their staff. It is truly a professional facility that not only teaches your dog manners and obedience, but also trains the owners. We are extremely pleased with this facility and would highly recommend them to anyone. A great staff and excellent trainers! Thinking of bringing Char back for the next step.

Corina Siegfried

We are happy knowing Theo is well taken care of by a very caring staff. He loves going to daycare. Thank you!

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