Brian Pollinger

My first exsperiance with the LOTP.

Training, the end results are incredible. My dog stopped controling me or any of my family members after the class. ( 6 month puppy )
Sitting, Staying, Waiting, Laying, Walking and dropping on command. Her social skills have become alot better also.
Lisa, has informed the class of certain information wich make you understand the dogs view point. Leading us in to use those traits to benifit the training of our dogs.
She also informes you that the traing must continue for the best results, not just class time.

Boarding, My dogs are very special to me, as your are also. I addressed Lisa, to take care of my girl, she is all I have. If you need extra money for special care just say it.
She felt no reason for the extra money.
Her services proved to me that special care is given to all of there clients pets.
When I went to pick up my girl, Im not certain she wanted to go home with me…
Thats a great feeling for knowing they were cared for.
I commend there services.

Theresa Wenck

Our dog, Roscoe has only had two sessions with Lisa and John and he has improved vastly. I appreciate how Lisa and John listen to any of our concerns and address them with practical and viable options. I look forward to learning even more about how to handle Roscoe!

Karen Reifsnyder Duh

Layla has been here many times for daycare, overnights and training. This is an excellent facility!

Marilyn Oldenhage Augis

I’ve been taking my dogs there since they opened. Great family! I know my girls are well taken care of every stay! So knowledgeable.

Michelle Martin

These guys are great. Pup always comes home well cared for and happy.

Rachel Dunne

Great place that really cares for their facility and how your dog is treated! We’ve used their daycare, grooming, and training (private and class) services and every experience has been great. We love that they have so many services to make it a single place we can be comfortable and familiar with. Everything is well organized and the caretakers are very friendly. We anticipate having a long relationship with LOPCI.

Sarge M

I have been boarding my German Shepherd at Leader of the Pack for the past 8 years. I am very comfortable knowing he is well cared for with feedings, exercise and overall well being. I would highly recommend.

Angelo Caggiano

We boarded our Goldendoodle and our daughter’s pit bull for several days a few months ago. Both dogs were exceptionally well cared for and I can’t say enough good things about owners Lisa and John and their professional, compassionate staff. I just made a new reservation for both dogs for a week in September and would not even consider leaving them with anyone else.

Catherine Carlin

So amazing! I was in town for 4 days and they were able to help with doggy daycare. Staff was great every day I was there!

Kat Stopp

We started using John and Lisa’s services in 2010, when we adopted Sadie, a Rescue dog who had reactivity issues. Since then, we have used LOPCI to train 2 additional rescues. Sadie came to us with a multitude of issues. She was reactive to dogs and people, highly anxious and impossible to walk. With the help and dedication of both of them, we are able to walk her in public areas. She has also learned to play with our newest adoptee, something that I had doubts about when we were considering bringing a new dog into our household. But because of Lisa, I knew what traits to look for and how to pick a compatible companion for Sadie. From the day we brought the puppy home, Lisa worked with and guided us in how to introduce and acclimate the two together. Sadie now plays like a dog, enjoying herself with her new brother, Bowser, something I feared she would never learn. We also use the boarding facilities several times a year and daycare for our puppy. I love being able to watch Bowser play (thanks to the WebCams) during my lunch. I never have any concerns about leaving my dogs in LOPCI’s care. Lois is a fantastic groomer and has always done a great job with our dogs. Our newest rescue, Bowser, went through the puppy class and Adult 1 training with Megan, who is equally pleasant and competent. This is not a business that is just in it for the money. The staff truly does love dogs and care for their clients–both human and canine.

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