Labor Day Boarding Tips

Labor day is just around the corner! That means last minute boarding reservations will be made left and right. LOPCI wants to make this as stress-free as possible for our clients. Keep in mind we will be closed for all pick ups and drop offs on Labor Day. As always we will have full staff coverage on our day care floor with the dogs staying with us. We will be open normal hours on Tuesday Sept. 6th.

The most important boarding tip for summer vacation holidays is to make sure you call in advance to book your pets stay. Always check to make sure your pet is currently up to date on all the required shot records for day care and boarding. Remember, we can not accept any dog without proper proof of shots. Calling in advance can help avoid this being an issue at drop off.

Making sure that your pet visits our day care or boarding program at least once every 6 months is critical. This ensures that your pet remains somewhat familiar with the pack environment and creates a safer and happier environment for all dogs in our care. Call ahead to make sure that you check to see when the last time your pet stayed with us if you are unsure if they qualify for the 6 month requirement.

Always bring your dogs food in a sealed container with a lid. This is crucial to helping LOPCI store and manage all dogs food in a safe and healthy manner. Please make sure that you also pack extra food as dogs who are continuously active while boarding with us may have an increased appetite than normal. If you have any questions about how to supply us with your pets food, call ahead and we can explain it to you in more detail.

Leader of the Pack strives to create a safe, healthy and happy atmosphere for all dogs in our care. If you have any questions about our policies, rules & regulations, client agreement or other requirements, please call 610-366-8282 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day holiday!

-LOPCI Management